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Mission: Afghanistan

Mission: Afghanistan is a major bilingual traveling exhibit developed in partnership between The Military Museums in Calgary, and the Directorate of History and Heritage/DND in Ottawa.

The exhibit discusses Canada’s military involvement in Afghanistan from 2001-2014 and is based upon the experiences of Canadians who served there. Personal artifacts and oral histories from veterans all across the country are presented.

This exhibit includes additional key artifacts including a piece of one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center, a motorcycle used by an attempted suicide bomber, a large chunk of a propane truck that blew into a chain link fence and has the impressions from it, the last Canadian flag that flew in Afghanistan, a bullet proof window riddled with bullet marks - but none that penetrated, and weapons used by the Taliban.

During the exhibit research phase, over 200 oral histories were conducted across the country: excerpts from these interviews illustrate the commitment and sacrifices made by Canadians. Key government decision makers such as Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay and Bill Graham, shed light on Canada’s role as part of the international effort in Afghanistan. Some of Canada’s most important military leaders in Afghanistan including Lieutenant-Colonel Ian Hope, Colonel David Fraser and Lieutenant-Colonel Omer Lavoie talk about major operations against the Taliban.

Mission: Afghanistan premieres in Calgary and will then tour across Canada, with additional scope for international circulation.


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