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For Canadians searching for information on their relatives service records from the First World War, Second World War or South African War, the following information is provided to assist in that research.

The sections are divided into areas of research, including resources on various sites of historical interest, followed by sections based on specific conflicts that Canadians served in for which records exist.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

For relatives who were killed overseas during either the First or Second World Wars, the CWGC site can be used to locate their cemetery or memorial.

Canadian Genealogy Center

This site contains additional references useful when searching for War Diaries, Ships Logs, Royal Flying Corp/ Air Force and Military Medals.

Books of Remembrance

The Books of Remembrance are located in the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and contain the names of Canadians who fought in wars and gave their lives in service to our country.

Lest We Forget Project

Library and Archives Canada initiative to connect youth to Canada's history by making military service files available, and by reflecting on the sacrifices made by our veterans in order to preserve our values and freedoms.

Canada at War

A Guide to Library and Archives Canada resources recalling the Canadian War Experience.

Research Guide

A valuable guide for researchers of available sources at Library and Archives Canada related to Units of the Canadian Expeditionary Force from the First World War.

South African War (1899 - 1902)

Records relating to Canadian soldiers who served in the South African War have been indexed and can be searched with this link.

First World War Attestation Records

One of the first steps in tracking down a First World War veterans service record is to locate their Attestation record with Collections Canada.

From the link above, click "Search: Database" and enter the veterans first and last names. Once identified, you will find among other things their Regimental number, next-of-kin and signature.

Ordering Service Records

To pursue a search of a veterans military career, it is usually necessary to order a copy of their service records from Library and Archives Canada.

Soldiers were often transferred between units or on leave, so the service records are required to indicate when and where they were at any given time. Included in the files will be an 'Active Service' summary often of sufficient detail to trace their activities in the field.

Searching War Diaries

Once the Service records arrive, then the War Diaries can be searched to uncover what their regimental units were doing at any particular period during the war. An alternative is the searchable database created by the Canadian Great War Project of War Diaries from the First World War.

Second World War Service Records

This link allows access to service personal who died during the war or immediately after, 1939-1947. From the link above, click "Search: Database" and enter the veterans first and last name. Once identified, the birth and death date, Rank, Service number, and possibly next-of-kin will be found.

Ordering Second World War Service Records 

Use this link to find information on how to request Service Records of a relative who served during the Second World War and survived. 

Second World War Service Records That May Be Requested. 

The types of service records that may be requested, including those who survived the Second World War. An order of this type now requires a ATIP request.

Making a ATIP Request 

A successful ATIP request grants the right to access restricted government records including those of Second World War service personnel who survived the war.

Library and Archives Canada Second World War collection.  

Additional Library and Archives Canada material related to the Second World War.

Medal Replacement

For information medals and medal replacements please use this link. Also see Medal Information and how to replace lost medals

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