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Our featured entry into The Military Museums 2019 Summer Skirmish world of Miniatures is a demonstration game featuring dozens of finely detailed miniature Second World War fighters and tanks from the 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade.

In this commemoration of the 75th D-Day Anniversary, this game will recreate an under-reported action that British General Michael Reynolds called "The Canadian defence of Norrey and Brettville". Over the period 8-10th June, 1944 the 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade prevented the 12th SS Panzer Division from mounting a counterattack on the beaches.

On the 8th of June, Brigadier Foster’s 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade remained in the positions they occupied the day before. From west to east, the Winnipeg Rifles were in Putot-en–Bessin; the Regina Rifles in Bretville, l’Orgueilleuse and Norrey–en-Bessin; and the Canadian Scottish in reserve north of the other positions. The 13th Field Artillery Regiment mounted in Priests supported the Brigade as did a battery of 3rd Anti Tank Regiment. Later a squadron of Shermans from the Sherbrooke Fusiliers arrived.

The game proposal is to set up the table covering the ground at 1mm to 1 metre scale. The game ignores chronology and in effect the battles could be played simultaneously or in rapid sequence depending upon the number of players, thus the scenario is expandable.

The table top battles on display may include:

  • German Attack on Putot by II/26th SS PzGdr Regt drives Winnipeg Rifles out
  • Canadian Scottish counterattack on Putot
  • 1st German attack on Norrey by I/26th SS PzGdr
  • 2nd German attack on Norrey and Cardonville Farm
  • Meyer’s Tank attack on Brettville
  • 12th SS Pioneer Battalion attack on Norrey
  • Panther Company attack on Norrey

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