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Summer Skirmish Miniature's Group

Our featured entry into The Military Museums 2017 Summer Skirmish embraces one of the most colourful periods of military history, resplendent in pageantry and the smoke of black powder. Featuring over 3,000 hand painted and historically accurate pieces deployed on realistic battlefield terrain, our game represents the colour and spectacle of this picturesque era of tricorne hats, gunpowder and lace. 

The Year is 1748 and the Wars of the Austrian Succession have ended.  Europe is once more at peace, but in our imaginary timeline, European Monarchs are faced with rising crime and social problems caused by enormous numbers of well-trained soldiers being mustered out and left to their own devices.  The courts of French king Louis XV and the new Austrian Emperor Frances I Stephen are seeking a foreign adventure in which to relieve domestic pressures.

Our battle is the result of a hypothetical invasion of northern Britain by pro-Jacobite forces (originally planned for 1744), funded by European Catholic interests looking to overthrown the Protestant Hanoverian king and restore the Catholic House of Stewart.  The red-coated British Army, recent victors at Fontenoy, Dettingen and Ghent, and their Swedish Allies face a coalition of French, German, Swiss, Fenwick and Austrian troops.

Our game rules are simple and cover the deployment and fighting abilities of each troop type, as well as covering morale, leadership and logistics.

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