The Military Museums

Summer Skirmish 2019

Saturday and Sunday, June 8-9, 2019
9:00 AM to 6:30 PM
4520 Crowchild Trail SW
Calgary, Alberta

Event Schedule


Admission for the 2019 Summer Skirmish is:

  • Children and Youth - $2.00
  • Adults: $5.00
  • Car Load: $10.00

Monetary donations or contributions to the Veterans Food Bank are always greatly appreciated.

Re-enactments and Demonstrations

Join us on Saturday and Sunday as 2000 years of warfare comes to life in a weekend of scripted battle re-enactments and demonstrations.

Viking raids, medieval duels, gladiatorial combat, musketry skills and cannonades are some of the demonstrations and exhibitions that will be available. You will be able to interact with all of the participants who will be dressed in period costumes and uniforms that will transport you back to that time in history.

This year visitors will have the opportunity to have their picture taken in the old west, have their fortunes foretold like the commanders of old, or meet a Viking or a Chivalrous Knight. Visitors will be able walk into the camps and chat with soldiers from various eras.

Food trucks will be available on site throughout the weekend.


TMM would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the re-enactment groups participating in this years Summer Skirmish.

Pre-Firearms Eras

  • Dragon’s Own - Medieval era
  • The Sons of Fenrir - Viking
  • Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) 
  • Society of Tilt and Lance Calvary
  • Mounted Combat Arts

Black Powder Era

  • The Cannoneers and 78th Fraser Highlanders
  • Yankee Valley Historical Society
  • South Alberta Light Horse Artillery
  • Summer Skirmish Miniature's Group: with 3000+ 28mm figures

Alberta Historical

  • Guns of the Golden West - Alberta Historical
  • Things Military 

First World War

  • 10th Canadian Infantry Battalion 

Second World War

  • First Special Service Force, Living History Association
  • Prairie Motor Brigade
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