The Military Museums

Permanent Exhibits at The Military Museums

The following is a showcase of selected exhibits on display at The Military Museums.

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The HMCS Huron Screw was unveiled at The Military Museums in Calgary, Alberta on Sunday, 3 June 2012 and is forever dedicated to the men and women who served in the boiler and engine rooms of the warships of the Royal Canadian Navy during the 20th Century.

The CF-5 Freedom Fighter on display at The Military Museums was designed in the mid-1950s as a lightweight, well-armed, inexpensive supersonic fighter.

The CF-104 Starfighter is a Cold War Era fighter that is part of an Air Force exhibit that pays tribute to the Canadians who stood ready to defend Canada throughout the Cold War.

The Taurus ARV (Armoured Recovery Vehicle) was originally used to recover and tow armoured vehicles disabled by combat damage or mechanical failure during military operations.
Note to visitors: The Taurus ARV is currently being stored under a protective tarpaulin so is not available for viewing. 

The Leopard 1C2 is a German built main battle tank acquired by the Canadian army in 1978 to replace the aging Centurion tank.

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