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In The Hundred Days Offensive (8 August-November 11, 1918), Canada and her Allies launched the last major offensive of the Great War which saw the Germans lose 13km of ground in the first day. Roughly 75,000 Canadians participated in the initial attack, supported by British Empire, French Tanks, and troops.

Join us at The Military Museums for several events planned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Last 100 Days and the Armistice.

Last 100 Days Symposium

Date: Saturday 29 Sept 2018 || 9:00AM - 4:00PM || $50 with Lunch

Join us for a one day Symposium on the Last 100 Days of the First World War at The Military Museums.

The Symposium includes panel discussions and lectures on the development of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and the tactics, planning and leadership that led to their success during the last victorious but very costly campaign of the war.

Symposium Details 

Symposium Presentations

  • The Last 100 Days: Dr Geoff Jackson
  • Maple Leaf Aloft: Air Power During WW1: Major W.A. March
  • Canadian Sailors in WW1 Trenches: Brad Froggatt
  • Indigenous Veterans in WW1: Glen Miller
  • Shock Army of the British Empire: LCol (ret’d) Shane Schreiber
  • Evolution of Artillery in WW1: Dave Love
  • Convalescent Hospitals During WW1: William Pratt
  • Jewish Veterans: Roberta Kerr

The Last 100 Days Lectures and Events

In addition to the Symposium, several other events and lectures are planned during the Commemoration.
  To attend one or more of these events, please the link below each event to sign up.

Location: The Military Museums, 4520 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, Alberta
Times: Doors open 6:00PM | Lectures 7:00PM (unless otherwise indicated)

Trench Warfare and Weapons Handling

Date: Thurs 27 Sept 2018 || 6:00PM - 9:00PM || $50
Speaker:  MWO (Ret'd) Rick Ostashower

Join MWO (Ret`d) Rick Ostashower for this one of a kind experience, as he guides you through the various weapons and battle tactics used during The Great War. Experience warfare re-enactments in the trenches between the Canadian and German forces and handle the different weapons for yourself.

Rick Ostashower brings an extensive knowledge base of weaponry which he has gathered over the years. Rick joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1974. He has deployed to numerous locations including Cyprus, West Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rick was a part of the Brigade Small Arms Team and was awarded First Place in both Canadian Forces Small Arms Competitions and International Competitions. Rick joined the Calgary Police Service in 1989 and has taken numerous courses to make him an expert in this field.

Trench Warfare and Weapons Handling

Historical Walking Tours

Date: Monday 1 Oct and Sat 3 Nov 2018 || 9:30AM - 11:30AM || Free by donation
Speaker: Major (Ret’d) Lloyd Northcott

Join us as we walk through Calgary’s Currie Barracks to revisit the First World War through monuments named after the fourteen Battle Honours from 1915-1917.

About this walk: The 20th Century was shaped by the outcome of the First World War. Canada found its full stature as a nation on the battlefields of France and Belgium. Costly victories made Canada known and showed what the nation could do both in the field and on the industrial front.

It is rewarding to revisit this War and see how it has influenced both military and political developments for a century after. It was in this context that women were given the vote. There will be opportunities to discuss the key issues of the war and the peace which followed. The walk is about 2.5 km. The start and ending place is The Military Museums Atrium.

Garrison Woods Memorial Walks 

The Tenth Battalion’s Capture of Villers-les-Cagnicourt

Date: Thurs 4 Oct 2018 || 6:00PM - 9:00PM || $20
Speaker: LCol Mike Vernon

LCol Mike Vernon of the Calgary Highlanders will discuss the tactics and personal exploits of the soldiers in the fight for Villers-les-Cagnicourt on 2 September 1918, part of the offensive to smash through the Drocourt-Queant Line.

This event will highlight WWI soldiers including Sergeant Arthur Knight VC, who was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

The Calgary Highlanders 

Tunes From The Trenches

Date: Tues 16 Oct 2018 || 6:00PM - 9:00PM || $20

In commemoration of the centenary of the end of the First World War, take a step back in time to the Western Front in 1918 by joining The King’s Own Calgary Regiment for “Tunes from the Trenches”.

The evening will be reminiscent of a World War One concert party, with popular tunes of the period, played by the regimental band of the 50th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force, today’s Regimental Band of The King’s Own Calgary Regiment accompanied by Joni Delauier and the Home Front Singers, with a special visitor from the Front Lines.

Throughout the evening our visitor will be recounting his first hand experiences of stalemate, victories, losses, and peace along the Western Front in 1918. Join us prior to the concert party at 6:00pm for refreshments and socializing.

Then take a walk through the King’s Own Calgary Regiment museum to see how the memory and legacy of the members of the 50th Battalion is currently preserved and sustained by the King’s Own Calgary Regiment.

Tunes from the Trenches 

Currie: Leadership on the Front Lines

Date: Thurs 25 Oct 2018 || 6:00PM - 9:00PM || $20
Speaker:Dr. Geoff Jackson and Panel

Dr. Geoff Jackson and guests will form a panel to compare and contrast the leadership styles of General Sir Arthur Currie throughout the Great War.

Moderated by Senior Curator Rory Cory.

Currie: Leadership on the Front Lines 

A Taste of the First World War

Date: Friday 2 Nov 2018 || 6:00PM - 9:00PM || $60
Speaker: Chef Wade Paterson

Indulge Your Palate!

Join us for this unique food and beverage pairing event as we partner with Chef Wade Paterson of Boreal Cuisine as he features First World War and Canadiana themed foods.

The Sommeliers of Co-op wines and spirits will feature different beverages from the regions where the five major battles of the Canadian Corps took place.

A Taste of the First World War 

National Aboriginal Veterans Day

Date: Thurs 8 Nov 2018 || All Day || Free by Donation

Museum Tours Of Indigenous Artifacts and Theatre Presentation

Throughout Canada`s history, Indigenous people have played a crucial role in the defence of Canada. Learn about the military service by Indigenous people and the stories of some of Alberta`s veterans through these two ongoing activities held throughout the day:

  • Tours of Indigenous Artifacts in the Army Museum of Alberta with Senior Curator Rory Cory
  • Video presentations on Indigenous Perspectives in the CP Theatre

National Aboriginal Veterans Day is a memorial day observed in Canada in recognition of aboriginal contributions to military service, particularly in the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War.

More than 7,000 First Nations members served in the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War, and an unknown number of Inuit, Métis and other Indigenous people also participated. One Veterans group estimates that 12,000 Indigenous men and women served in the three wars.

National Aboriginal Veterans Day 

The Provincial Poppy Project

An Invitation To Paint A Poppy For Remembrance

The Military Museums Foundation invites Albertans to paint a poppy as part of an outdoor art installation. This poppy project will pay homage to the 36,165 Albertans who served overseas, and the 12,720 who served with Canada during the Great War. Students will learn about the significance of the poppy, the 1918 Armistice and importance of Remembrance.

Completed poppies will form an outdoor art installation on the grounds of the Military Museums. Poppies are available for painting at the Military Museums or poppy packages can be provided to schools and groups upon request.
For more information, call 403-410-2340 ext 2612.

Remembrance Day

Date: Sunday 11 Nov 2018

Please join us at The Military Museums this November 11th for our special Remembrance Day ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armistice at the end of the First World War.

University of Calgary Libraries and Archives

Date: Oct - Nov 2018

Throughout October and November, the University of Calgary libaries and archives will display armistice memorabilia, artifacts, letters and more!

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