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Originally from Ontario, Gail Duffy started volunteering for TMM in 1999. He obtained a degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta in 1956, followed by an MBA from the University of Western Ontario. Retiring in 1990 from the oil and gas industry, he volunteered with the Stampede and then went on to TMM where he served as a greeter, host, gallery guide, educator and researcher.

His primary interest was WW1 and he rapidly became one of TMM's resident experts in WW1. He delivered many school programs, with an emphasis on the battle of Vimy Ridge, as well as WW1 lectures. It's not surprising that he was a major part of the developing team behind TMM's 2007 exhibit "Victory at Vimy: Forge of Nationhood".

He then became the primary developing volunteer for Army Museum of Alberta exhibits. Both of the 1885 North West Rebellion and WW1 powerpoint displays in the Army Museum of Alberta are entirely Gail's work, and a lovely legacy for us to remember him by. Gail then undertook redevelopment of all of the cases for The Founders' Gallery, which were originally lined in UN Blue for the 2004 Peacekeeping exhibit.

He changed all the cases (and several mounts) to a much more versatile burgundy lining, which works very well with the brass artifacts in our collection (ie. badges, shell casings, trench art, etc.). Gail's last major project was working on TMM's traveling exhibit "Ring of Fire: Canadians in the Pacific in the Second World War" in 2012.

He created a number of packing mounts for the artifacts to allow them to travel safely to venues in the US and Canada, and filled out condition reports for the artifacts so we could track their condition throughout the exhibit's travel.

Outside of TMM, Gail enjoyed golfing, skiing and being on the water, as well as sailing model boats. Gail passed away in 2014, but his contributions to TMM will be with us for many years to come.

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