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Ian Christie (1925 - 2020) was born in Westchester County New York State on Aug 10th 1925. In June 1943 Ian went from the USA to Toronto and joined the Royal Canadian Navy. He was enrolled as a Leading Seamen because he had a great deal of experience with small craft. He was a Bos’n.

Ian joined the HMCS Prince David, an Armed Merchant Cruiser, in 1943 and stayed with her throughout the war.

His favourite port was Norfolk Virginia. He and some crew members were sent to the US Supply depot for 1000 feet of 4 inch hemp rope. Somehow the rope and the US jeep they carried it in made it onboard the ship and over to England.

On D-Day Ian was driving one of the landing craft from the Prince David. He made two trips to Juno Beach with personnel from the Winnipeg Rifles and one trip with supplies. On VE Day in May 1945 he was in London, England to celebrate the end of the war.

In April 1947 Ian retired from the RCN in Halifax. He was entitled to subsidized education so he went to the New York Phoenix Art School and worked for NBC for several years before working for the Associated Press as a correspondent.

In 1952 he moved to Calgary and became the Public Relations Officer for Caterpillar a year, and then moved to the Calgary Herald as a Photo Journalist for the next 23 years. In 1975 he worked briefly as PR for HMCS Tecumseh. Then later in 1975 he went into business for himself - running the Crowchild Photo shop for 28 years until 2003. He retired completely in 2006.

Ian married his wife Jean in May 1954. He has been involved with the Naval Museum for over 20 years and has been part of the Corvette club for over 10 years. Sadly Ian passed away in February 2020.

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