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The Military Museums Foundation is a non-profit organization that brings Canadian military heritage to life for thousands of Albertans each year through Alberta curriculum based education programs.

Military history is more than just dates and names of battles. By providing curriculum-based education programs, the Foundation supports The Military Museums’ mission to Remember, Preserve, and Educate.

The Military Museums Foundation helps over 8,000 school children each year to stay connected to our nation’s proud military heritage. We develop and deliver over two dozen education programs that explore Canada’s military history from the War of 1812 to recent conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Our Mission


The sacrifices of Canadians and allies in the defence of our nation and freedom by telling their stories


Artifacts and archival material related to military history with emphasis on western Canada


Canadians, with an emphasis on youth, about the impact of military events on Canada’s development and the importance of military security, as a component of national security, now and in the future

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The Military Museums Foundation  

The Military Museums Foundation Donors

The Military Museums Foundation would like to sincerely thank all our donors for their generous contributions.

$100,000 or more

Commemorate Canada
Cooper-Key Foundation
Stanley A. Milner
Veterans Affairs Canada

$25,000 or more

Alberta Culture and Tourism
Auxilium Foundation
Calgary Foundation
Canadian Legacy Project
Children’s Hospital Aid Society
Canadian Pacific
Michael Lang
Lorraine Milner
The Canadian Tilling Foundation

$10,000 or more

ARC Financial Services
Calgary Shaw Charity Classic Foundation
Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund (PPCLI Association)
Canada West Military Museums
Bill Macdonald, Bilmac Resources
Military Family Resource Centre - Calgary
Royal Alberta United Services Institute (RAUSI)
TAO Foundation
Nick Twyman

$5,000 or more

John Anderson
Burnswest Corporation
The Calgary Poppy Fund
Cal Wenzel Family Foundation
Colborne’s Forces (Joe and Paul Colborne)
Jack Nodwell
Jocelyn Roberts and Sean Roberts
Margaret and Ronald Southern
Progress Energy Canada Ltd.
Richardson GMP Ltd
Switzer’s Investments Ltd & Darlene Switzer-Foster
The Prosser Charitable Foundation
In memory of Else and Otto Hepp

$2,500 or more

Gord Aker
Bennett Jones LLP
Brooks and Dodd Consulting Inc.
George Brookman
John Cordeau
Dale Burstall
Hungarian Veterans’ Association Calgary Chapter
Fred Mannix
ManCal Corporation – Ronald Mannix
McLeod Law LLP
Patti O’Connor

$1,000 or more

Hon. Justice John D. Bascom
Gerry Berkhold
James Burns
Calgary Heritage Lions Club
Matt Campbell
Crown Surplus
Colin Dease
Anthony Friend
Rhondda Grant
Hubert Gray
Glynis Grigg
John Hagg
Col. Charles Hamel
Richard Haskayne
Dan Hays
Arthur Hazle
Krita Investments
Duncan MacNeill
Dr. Gerald Maier
Netherlands Investment Company of Canada
Norton Rose Fulbright
Esther Ondrack
Carolynn Phillips
Ken Quinn
Carl Ringdahl
Gary Ross, Ross Consulting
RBC Foundation
The Donald and Eleanor Seaman Family
Ronald Shannon
James Angus Watt
John Watson
LCol Eppo van Weelderen
Brett Wilson

$500 or more

Fred Abbott
Dennis Apedaile
Armstrong Estate Law
BlueSky Equities
Sylvain Bedard
Don Begg Studio West
Robert T. Booth
Edward Brown
Calgary Stampede
Colin Craig
Bryan J. Donnelly Professional
Vincent Duckworth
Edward C. Elford
David Farran
Roy Goodall
Jane Grad
Eric Haffenden
Christopher Haggis
David Holmes
David Hongisto
John Inverarity
Gerald Knowlton
George Kolody
Lamont Brown Group
John Larsen
Dr. Lloyd Maybaum
Hon. J.D. McDonald
Mary McPhee
Patricia Moore
Patricia Murphy
Graham O’Connor
Col. Rattan Parmar
Wayne Peterson
Robert Quinn
Ruth Ann Raynor
Wade Schultz
Wayne Stretch
Scott Treadwell
Brian Tuffs
Lee Villiger
Vimy Foundation
Ken Wilson
Woodridge Ford Lincoln

$499 or less

Dennis Anderson
ADP Canada
Irene Besse
David Bisett
Egil Bjornsen
Pauline H. Brown
Donald L. Campbell
Robert Craddock
Donald Cranson
Julien Joseph De Schutter
Cameron Diggon
Raymond Ferry
James Ford
Lorne Gartner
Jason Gillett
Richard Goebel
Home Place Ranch
Heritage Chapter NSDAR
Darryl Howard
Roman Hul

John C. Hutchings
Maureen Keough
Richard Labbe
Susan Lea-Makenyy
Lorne Larsen
Lily Lau
Andre Locker
John Lusty
Doris MacDonald
John L. MacLagan
Gerald Maier
Gordon D. McDonald
Ric McIver
Duncan McKillop
Ken McNeill
George Milne
Brian Norford
Larry O’Connor
Ralph Perry
Michael Prime

Carol Putt
Bonnie L. Rawlins
Darryl Raymaker
William George Sembo
James Smith
William H. Smith Prof Corp
Paul Storwick
Hon. A Sulatycky
James Sweetman
Diane Turner
Peter Wood
Ken Villiger
Peter Von Sass
Rae Williams
Walter Zuk

Donations In Memory

Adena and Cam Bauer
In memory of Merle Anderson
Kathy Buckman
In memory of Dr. Douglas Russ Benneweis
Patrick Craska
In memory of Harry A. Edwards
Alec and Marily Fraiberg
In memory of Alastair Hay
Nancy Gareau
In memory of George A. Arthurson
Geoffrey Hayes
In memory of Dr. Douglas Russ Benneweis
Donna Ludwig
In memory of Harry A. Edwards
Amy and Daly Padro
In memory of Hub Gray
Linda Bennett - $100
In memory of Rick Bennetts
Anne Hodgson - $100
In honour of Harold Kearl
Nelson and Margaret Kopustas
In memory of Lex Davis
Donna Milley
In memory of Garth Wallace
Al McQueen
In memory of Harry A. Edwards

Kelvin Nachtigall
In memory of Alastair Hay
Randean K. Rubiletz
In memory of Garth Wallace
Ron and Roxanne Sturdy
In memory of Sgt Alan M. Sturdy
Robert Tiffin
In memory of Paul James Allen
Matthew Dunn
In honour of Andrew Judson and Family
Barb and Chris Veenman
In memory of Hermie (Evert) Hermanson
Bonnie Bradley - $200
In memory of Maurice Wiglesworth 419 Moose Squadron
Dalene Smith
In memory of Wendy Kruyssen
Barb Gollert
In memory of Margot Campbell Dunlap-Foster
Lea Willis
In memory of Margot Campbell Dunlap-Foster
Donna Maksymec
In memory of a wonderful lady Margot Dunlap-Foster. May her contributions to this world continue on
Don McKay
In Memory of A.D. (Don) McKay who was not only a volunteer at The Military Museum for several years, but saw combat service in WWII and Korea. A fine man who made a positive difference in the lives of all who knew him

Margot Dunlap Foster

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Margot Dunlap Foster in Jan 2022.  Margot was a proud supporter of the Military museums and military history in memory of her late father, Lt. Jack Dunlap. Our condolences go out to her family, from all of us here at The Military Museums.

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