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Education Packages

Boats, Bells, and Banners
Grades 1-3 • 2 hrs 15 mins

Students use bells, whistles, flags, and lights to explore the songs, dance, and communication aboard navy ships. The concept of buoyancy and differing materials are discovered. Learn how Alberta contributes to Canada’s navy. Contains a classroom presentation, an art activity, and a navy tour.

Canada's Indigenous Veterans
Grades 4-6 • 2 hrs 15 mins

Touch a stone-tipped arrow, a burrowing owl skull, and a coyote pelt while learning about First Nations veterans. Create a medicine shield using print making techniques. Appreciate First Nations peoples’ contributions to Canada’s history and identity.


Posters and Propaganda
Grades 4-6 • 2 hrs 15 mins

Learn the role of art in wartime. See how comics, propaganda, and paintings are used to sway public opinion and boost morale. Gain an understanding of the important job Canadian war artists have through a tour, a theatre presentation, and an art activity.

Shaping Our Nation: War of 1812
Grades 7-9 • 2 hrs 15 mins

Through the roles of the British, French, American, and First Nations Peoples; students will gain insight into the relevance of the War of 1812 to Canada and its identity.


Canada and the Great War
Grades 10-12 • 2 hrs 15 mins

Over 800,000 Canadians answered the call when the British Empire entered the First World War. Students will experience the outbreak of the War through the eyes of a young recruit in a theatre presentation, learn about allegiances in an interactive board game and see Alberta's role in the Great War through tours of The Last Reunion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Exhibit and our Regimental Galleries.

Cartoons and Citizenship
Grades 10-12 • 2 hrs 15 mins

Learn the role of art in wartime. See how comics, propaganda, and paintings are used to sway public opinion and boost morale. Gain an understanding of the important job Canadian war artists have through a tour, a theatre presentation, and an art activity.

Programs And Presentations

Furry Friends and the Front
Grades 1-3 • 2hrs 15mins

Students learn about the four-legged service members that served Canada in the First and Second World Wars. Then students can create their own fictional service animal in an art activity, and then develop a backstory for it, complete with heroics and awards.

Artefact Handling
Grades 1-12 • 30 or 45 mins

Compare war artefacts and modern military equipment in this hands-on activity. (Does not include weapons.)


Marching Drill and Uniform Try-on
Grades 1-12 • 30 or 45 mins

Learn why soldiers wear uniforms and how drills promote teamwork. Participate in a group marching drill. Guaranteed to produce lots of smiles!

Time to Explore
Grades 1-12 • 30 or 45 mins

Gives students time to explore areas that they have not seen. Students must be under teacher supervision at all times.


Explosive Threats
Grades 4-12 • 45 mins

Explore how Canada helps prevent the use of landmines and manages the complex problem of removal. Experience the process during a simulated de-mining activity.

Send and Receive
Grades 4-12 • 30 or 45 mins

Send Morse code messages to classmates using devices called oscillators. Learn the history and significance of Morse code technology and language.


Peacekeeper or Peacemaker?
Grades 4-6 • 45 mins

Students will consider a peacekeeping operation by understanding methods of peace used in peacekeeping operations. This is also extended to solve tensions in every day life.

Operation Overlord: Briefing Room
Grades 4-9 • 45 mins

Go where no civilian has gone before. Sit in a briefing given by a general on Canada' s role in the planning of D-Day and its outcome. The focus will then switch to D-Day and its place in Remembrance Day.


Passages of Vimy
Grades 7-12 • 45 mins

Experience the words, the songs, the life and the travels of our World War One soldiers.

Remembrance Programs

These presentations can be tailored to suit the appropriate grade level.

Understanding Remembrance
Grades K–3 • 30 mins

This engaging presentation, designed for younger children, introduces the concepts of remembrance using the poem In Flanders Fields, the symbol of the poppy and aspects of a Remembrance Day service.

Origins of Remembrance
Grades 7–12 • 30 mins

This is a presentation of the experiences and insights from a World War One nursing sister as she details how Remembrance Day and the symbols of remembrance began.


Newfoundland at the Somme
Grades 6-12 • 45 mins

Understand the impact of the First World War and the Battle of the Somme on Newfoundland from a prosperous pre-war dominion eager to fight for King and Empire, to a decimated colony just fighting for survival.

Outreach Programs

Century of Service
Grades 3-12 • 2hrs and 15 mins

Meet a serving soldier, handle Second World War artefacts, and take part in a First World War tank building competition... in your own school.

Special Topics

Meet a Veteran or Serving Soldier
Grades 1-12 • 45 mins

Learn about Canadian Forces military operations from the veterans or serving members themselves. Plenty of opportunities for questions and answers!

Dieppe to D-Day (Juno Beach)
Grades 10-12 • 45 mins

See how the disaster at Dieppe during the Second World War contributed to the success of the D-Day landings at Juno Beach in Normandy, France.


Vimy Ridge: The Price of Citizenship
Grades 10-12 • 45 mins

On April 9th, 1917, the Canadian Corps assaulted the heavily defended Vimy Ridge. In this presentation, King's Own Calgary Regiment museum curator Al Judson teaches students about the preparation, participation, and the consequences of Canada's victory at Vimy Ridge.

Canada and the Cold War
Grades 10–12 • 45 mins

Experience the tension of the Cold War through the personal stories of RCAF veterans and a tour through the band new Ken and Roma Lett Cold War Exhibit.


Women in War
Grades 10–12 • 45 mins

Discover the contributions women have made throughout Canada's military history from the First World War to today.

Museum Tours

Grades K–12 • 30 or 45 mins

The Naval Museum of Alberta Discover Alberta’s seafaring tradition with this tour. Special focus tours can be requested for Industry and Government or the Battle of the Atlantic.

Grades 1-12 • 30 or 45 mins

Tour one of five army museums. The Army Museum of Alberta — Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) Museum — Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Museum and Archives — The King’s Own Calgary Regiment (Royal Canadian Armoured Corps) Museum — The Calgary Highlanders Regimental Museum and Archives — Learn about Canadian soldiers in the Boer War, the First World War, the Second World War, the United Nations, peace keeping operations and current conflicts like Afghanistan.


Air Force
Grades 1-12 • 30 or 45 mins

The Air Force Museum of Alberta — From Billy Bishop to the Red Baron, bombers to the ground crew, and peacekeeping to POWs, this tour starts with the early days of flight and takes students through to Canada’s present day air force.

The Founders' Gallery
Grades 1–12 • 30 or 45 mins

This gallery hosts temporary art and heritage exhibitions. Displays change every four to six months. See the What's New page to view the current exhibits.


The Battle of the Atlantic
Grades 10–12 • 45 mins

Learn about the longest battle of the Second World War and how Canada’s navy contributed to the success of the Allied war effort.

War, Industry, and Government
Grades 10–12 • 45 mins

Learn about employment discrimination, the Ogden gunshops, the National Selection Service, the Department of Munitions and Supplies, and C.D. Howe.

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