The Military Museums
Rental Venues

The Queen Elizabeth II Atrium is inside the main entrance to The Military Museums. It is suitable for presentations, lectures and receptions. 

The Atrium can hold 150 people in a standing reception or 100 people at a seated event. Only available for private events after 5:00PM.

The CP Rail Theatre is situated behind the Mural of Honour in the QE II Atrium. It contains a podium, stage and sloped seating for 59 people. 

A screen and overhead projector is available for presentations.

The Naval Museum of Alberta is a unique venue at The Military Museums suitable for large receptions and presentations.

The Naval Museum can hold up to 200 people in a standing reception or 150 people at a seated reception.

The TMM Boardroom has a large oval table that can seat 16 people. An additional 12 people can be seated in the room. Available for all day private rentals. 

The room contains video and audio conferencing equipment, a screen and an overhead projector. 

The outdoor areas at The Military Museums include a patio, parade square, the tank park and a large outdoor field. Up to 2,000 people can be accommodated with limited seating. Use of the areas is weather dependent, as no alternate space is available inside the building to accommodate guests if weather changes. 

The Education Center is suitable for classroom style presentations. The room contains two Smartboards and can accommodate up to 60 people seated at tables. Available for all day private rentals. 

The Cooper-Key Hall is suitable for lectures and receptions. It can currently hold 100 people at a standing/seated mixed reception. Available for all day private rentals. 

The Hall is also home to the Victor Taboika Exhibit of First World War Uniforms.

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