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Thurs 23 Jan 2020: Battering the German forces: The First Canadian Army in the Winter and Spring of 1945

Lecturer: Dr Geoff Jackson

In this lecture Dr. Jackson examined the critical role the First Canadian Army played 75 years ago in the invasion of Germany in the final months of the Second World War.

Thurs 27 Feb 2020: Flying the MiG-29

Lecturer: Maj (Retd) Bob Wade

Join us on February 27, 2020 with former RCAF fighter pilot and CF Snowbirds pilot, Major (Retd.) Bob Wade for his engaging presentation on his flight with the Soviet Union’s Mikoyan MiG-29.

In 1989, the Soviet Union decided to market and demonstrate their MiG-29 to the western world, but their efforts were hindered by a crash during a demonstration in Paris. They were also met with American resistance. While the Soviet Union was keen to have western pilots test their MiG-29s, American authorities were reluctant to allow Soviet pilots fly any of the latest western fighters in return.

Bob held an impressive career serving as an instructor and fighter pilot in the RCAF for 23 years. He flew with the Snowbird Aerobatic Team and later on as a ground attack pilot and instructor on the CF-104 Starfighter with NATO. He then became an instructor and air defence pilot on the CF-18 Hornet with NORAD. Through a strange set of circumstances, he also became the first pilot in the western world to fly the Soviet MiG-29.

In this presentation, Bob will speak about his selection for the role, his experience, and how the aircraft compared to its western counterparts.









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