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How to enjoy your museum visit

 There is something about museums that makes them worth visiting - even if only once in a while; these institutions offer opportunities for an educational experience with no pressured entry fee at all...

A lot goes down inside those doors: important historical moments are frozen forever by time immemorial--and sometimes tragedy too obscure for general understanding. However, no one said that seeing a museum had to be a dry and boring experience. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a regular, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your time at the museum.

Here are our top tips!

1. Do your research: Before you visit, read up on the exhibitions and artists that will be featured. This way, you can go in with some knowledge and be ready to ask questions when you get there. There are museums for every interest, from art and history to military battles. As you make your list of favourite topics - look up where they're hosted near any city in which you live! Picking a museum related specifically to these interests will naturally lead the way into exciting new worlds.

2. Arrive early/stay late: Most museums offer discounted admission rates for early birds and/or those who stay after closing hours. Take advantage of this and enjoy the galleries without having to fight through crowds. You should also stop by the information desks when you arrive. Ask for a map, or have museum staff suggest highlights in the collection or special exhibitions that you might want to see before you leave.

3. Make a plan: Museums are a great way to learn about history! And the best part is, you can go on any museum visit and enjoy every minute. All museums have websites that provide information for patrons like what tickets cost (even if they're not sold online), special exhibits currently up on display, or upcoming events & programs - so be sure to check these out before your next trip because parking may become an issue depending on where it is situated...but fear not- parking is free at the Military Museums

4. Make a list: Take a deep breath, and then make a list of the artefacts you want to see. You can't see it all - that's for sure! But before you go into any museum or gallery just take time to think about what is most meaningful to YOU as a person with personal interests in history. Don't forget to read the information beside every artefact to gain more information. There are plaques and signs attached to every single item on display.

Whether you are a history buff, an art lover, or just looking for something fun to do, museums are a great way to spend an afternoon. We hope our tips have helped you plan your next museum visit and that you enjoy the experience!

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