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How to beat the heat and explore your local military museum this summer

If you're lucky enough to live near a military museum (or at least some history museum), it's the perfect place to cool off this summer and learn something new about our country's rich history. The best part? No matter where you are, there are multiple places to choose. So here are some ideas for beating the heat and enjoying your summer learning at your local military museum!

There are varieties of events and exhibits that are both educational and fun to experience in Museums. One of such places to visit is the Military Museums, the largest military museum in Western Canada, boasting an impressive collection of educational and entertaining exhibits. But, we often wonder, why learn about war? Why visit a military museum or any museum at all? Because it's an integral part of our history! By understanding how wars were fought, we can learn about the strategies and tactics, the people who opposed them, and the sacrifices they made for us to enjoy freedom now.

If you're looking for something different to do this summer, be sure to check out your local military museum. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy it!

The admission fees for most museums are also very reasonable, ranging from $0-$50. So you can easily spend a day exploring all the different exhibits and displays.

To get maximum value on your visit, most museums have special exhibitions/tours and events that you can enjoy with the same admission price. It's best to check the museum website while planning to know what is happening. For example, the Military Museum has a Summer Skirmish Event on August 20-21, where there will be reenactments, jousting, medieval sports etc. Visitors can also look at the current exhibition: A Uniform Coat of Many Colours, on display in the University of Calgary Founders' Gallery, an exhibition dedicated to honouring the contributions of military veterans from other countries to Alberta.

Stay hydrated while touring the exhibits; go with a bottle of water, drinks, and snacks. You should also bring a camera, as some galleries contain incredible artifacts you might want to take pictures of for keepsake. Remember to dress for the weather with light layers. Also, make sure you have comfortable shoes on hand so you can enjoy all of the exhibits without suffering from blisters!

There are many fun things to do near military museums. You can explore different places like memorials, parks, or restaurants. If you want something to do on a hot summer day, visiting a military museum is a great option. You can learn about the history of the military, see artifacts up close, and get a break from the heat.

There you have it. Let us know how you are spending the summer in the comment section. 

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