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First Presbyterian Church, Edmonton donates Flags from the 138th Battalion to The Military Museums.

Two flags flown by the 138th Battalion during World War II have been donated to The Military Museums for safekeeping by the First Presbyterian Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The flags will be displayed in the Army Museum of Alberta Gallery in the Military Museums.

These two flags, King's Colour and the Regimental Colour, were flown during the First World War when all battalions had two colours representing their unit identity. The 138th Battalion was recruited in Edmonton in 1915/1916. It deployed overseas but did not serve as a front-line unit. The men were used as reinforcements for five other battalions already serving on the front lines. Men from the 138th fought in several important battles, including the Battles of the Somme in 1916, the Battle of Hill 70 in 1917, and the Battle of Amiens in 1918.

These flags are rare artifacts, as many regimental Colours have been destroyed in fires since WW1, were lost to the ravages of time, or are simply missing. There are a few other battalion colours in Calgary; for instance, the Calgary Highlanders have the 10th Battalion Colours, the King's Own Calgary Regiment has the 50th Battalion Colours, and the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry has the Ric-a-dam-doo in TMM. One of the Colours of the 31st Battalion and the 56th Battalion are in the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer. The Glenbow Museum has the Colours of the 82nd Battalion and the 137th Battalion.

According to the preservation policies for flags, these Colours cannot be conserved or repaired as Colours are often left to fade or deteriorate with time. Preservation is allowed but not to the extent of repair. While at TMM, the Colours will be preserved under glass, extending their lifespan much longer under a stable environment and light controls.

The Colours are currently on temporary display in TMM Atrium and will be on permanent display in the Army Museum of Alberta gallery later this year.

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