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How to beat the heat and explore your local military museum this summer

If you're lucky enough to live near a military museum (or at least some history museum), it's the perfect place to cool off this summer and learn something new about our country's rich history. The best part? No matter where you are, there are multiple places to choose. So here are some ideas for beating the heat and enjoying your summer learning a...

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New Exhibition - A Uniform Coat of Many Colours: Military Immigrants in Alberta.

"In my first direct contact with the enemy, my group was ordered to run toward the enemy. I decided not to join my friends in their attack since I was not a professional soldier. However, a voice within me said, "Kawa, you have signed up for this moment." Thus, I joined my friends in their successful attack," says Kawa Aahangar, Freedom Fighter aga...

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On International Museum Day, Let's Celebrate the Power of Museums

What is the one thing you think of when you hear the word museum? Suppose your mind jumps to a massive stone building with marble columns or dusty objects behind glass cases. In that case, you're not alone—but you're also missing out on the power that museums genuinely have. Whether they're old or new, small or large, our mission remains the same: ...

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National Volunteer Week

 This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week! It is a great time to reflect on the contributions of volunteers nationwide. From curating local history exhibitions to leading walking tours, volunteers continue to play a vital role in bringing our museums and galleries to life. They also play an important role in preserving ...

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Seven Interesting Things You Should Know About TMM

Visitors to The Military Museums (TMM) in Calgary, will find themselves immersed in a world of military history. The Museum is home to a collection that is second-to-none and features uniforms, weapons, and other artifacts from every era of Canada's military past. The museum also features several interactive exhibits that bring to life the experien...

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How to enjoy your museum visit

 There is something about museums that makes them worth visiting - even if only once in a while; these institutions offer opportunities for an educational experience with no pressured entry fee at all... A lot goes down inside those doors: important historical moments are frozen forever by time immemorial--and sometimes tragedy too obscure for...

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6-steps-to-organise-a-productive week easily

We all want to be productive. We want to achieve our goals, get things done and feel a sense of accomplishment. But sometimes, it's hard to know where to start, or how to keep going when we feel overwhelmed. Whether you are juggling schoolwork, family life, or work responsibilities--you will find that it is easier to stay on track with a little hel...

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