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The Deployed interview project was started in 2016 to record and preserve  the personal experiences of serving and retired reservists  who have served overseas on a variety of Canadian missions, including United Nations peacekeeping missions, from Egypt in the 1970s through to the Afghanistan deployments of recent years.

Reservists are part-time soldiers who are paid for their service to the Canadian Armed Forces. In Canada, reservists are not ordered to serve overseas, but volunteer to do so, putting their civilian lives on hold until their return.  

On completion of their deployments they must immediately integrate themselves back into civilian life.  Reintegration creates its own challenges and stresses for reservists.

Colonel Mike Vernon created the Deployed Project with the support of his superiors in 41 Canadian Brigade Group. In civilian life, he has worked as a video journalist for CBC Television News and is currently a journalism instructor at Mount Royal University in Calgary. He produced the documentaries Deployed: Canadian Army Reservists Overseas (2017) and Desert Lions: Canadian Forces Mentors in Kandahar (2011).

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Interviews A - H

Sgt Drew Adkins Golan, Afghanistan 2011
Sgt Wildrick Barnard Afghanistan/Kuwait 2013
Col (Ret’d) Roy Boehli Bosnia, Afghanistan
Cdr Rob Briggs Afghanistan
Cpl(Ret’d) Diane Bruce Golan
Maj Glenys Bussler Afghanistan
Mr Oliver Bussler Afghanistan
Cpl Duncan Campbell Afghanistan
LCol Kyle Clapperton Afghanistan
Maj Simon Cox Bosnia, Afghanistan
MCpl(Ret’d) Scott Crichton Iraq x 2 (USMC)
MCpl Bonnie Critchley Afghanistan 2011
Sgt (Ret’d) Dave Dirom Northern Ireland, Cambodia
Sgt Pablo Fernandez Bosnia
Sgt John Ferris Afghanistan
Sgt (Ret'd) Ryan Flavelle Afghanistan 2008
Sgt Greg Gorecki Bosnia, Afghanistan
MCpl (Ret’d) Ray Gradwell Egypt
WO Darlene de Guzman-Tucker Bosnia, Cyprus
Michael Hornburg (Father) Afghanistan
Maj(Ret’d) Joe Howard Congo, Bosnia, Sudan
CWO Dave Huedepohl Croatia
LCol Chris Hunt Kosovo, Afghanistan 2006

Interviews K - Y

CWO (Ret’d) Emmett Kelly Sierra Leone
Sgt (Ret’d) Kathryne Kuhn Egypt
Sgt Anthony Lapthorn Northern Ireland, Afghanistan
Cpl Caroline Livesey Afghanistan
Sgt Jonathan Lodge Camp Mirage (UAE) 2004
Sgt Sean Mihalcheon Afghanistan
MWO (Ret’d) Rick Ostashower Afghanistan
Maj Ryan Palmer Afghanistan 2006, 2008
WO Kristopher Porlier Afghanistan 2008
Sgt (Ret’d) Kurtis Sanheim Croatia 1993
Cpl (Ret’d) Simon Savage Croatia
MWO Scott Schall Bosnia, Afghanistan 2006
MCpl (Ret’d) Ralph Scholz Cambodia, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cyprus
Cpl (Ret’d) Damien Severin Afghanistan 2008
MWO Earl Simensen Bosnia 2000
Capt (Ret’d) Tom Smith Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Afghanistan
LCol Troy Steele Afghanistan
CWO Brian Talty Cyprus, Bosnia 1993, Afghanistan
WO Chris Thombs Somalia, Afghanistan
CWO Chris Tucker Croatia, Afghanistan
LCol (Ret’d) Lee Villiger West Bank
LCol Kevin Weidlich Cyprus, Bosnia
Capt Bryn Wright Afghanistan
Sgt Brendan Yuill Bosnia





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